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The increased real cost of energy (EROEI) puts high pressure on our economies and production systems, challenging the sustainability of the existing model because of its negative impact on the environment.

Among renewable energy source based systems, wind turbines now represent the most economic, efficient and widely deployable technology. However, their relatively low height hampers the possibility to exploit strong wind flow, which is far above them, so that traditional turbines can gather only a negligible part of the tropospheric wind energy. Existing turbines are too large and too heavy and this reduces their efficiency. In addition, the turbines’ structure and noise have an adverse impact on the environment.

In Switzerland, wind energy generation shall be increased 40 fold. A challenging goal considering that Switzerland has extremely limited suitable sites for wind turbines (0.7% of total area). Of course, there is also an enormous need for innovative wind energy worldwide.

Skypull tackles the problem of harvesting altitude wind energy by delivering a flying device with all the characteristics required: aerodynamic efficiency, adequate lifting power, low weight, safety, reliability, resilience and deployability.

Skypull’s system consists of an on-ground generator with a drum hosting a light cable  connected to an autonomous flying device (drone). This lightweight and compact wind-based electricity generation system can be deployed in a much wider range of locations. The result is a renewable power generation system that is twice as efficient as conventional wind turbines.