Sanovation AG
Weinbergstrasse 46
6300 Zug


Nearly a fifth of all adults in Europe suffer from chronic pain, half of whom have been suffering for at least seven years. With “CatchMyPain” from the company Sanovation AG, these patients now receive a web platform, on which they can lead – anonymously – their personal online diary. On the basis of a graphically illustrated pain or satisfaction pattern, they then see which drugs or therapies relieved or intensified the suffering. With an analysis of the anonymous information from the diaries, the young company wants to further the research of chronic pain. The aim of the eight-headed company is to build a global pain database.

Other team members

Lilian Gröbli, Christian Gröbli, Nicolà Parpan, Roman Haag, Arnau Manyosa, Martin Bühler, Christoph Wolf