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Astigmatic incisions treat astigmatism by normalizing the corneal surface. Unfortunately, the safety of this method is not guaranteed since the correct dimensioning and placement of the incisions are complex and rely on a gut feeling rather than on scientific findings and sound planning. Frequent consequences of this are dissatisfaction, follow-up surgeries and corneal transplants.

Optimo Medical AG developed the Optimeyes ™ technology, which can predict and optimize the influence of surgical interventions on the human cornea in a patient-specific way. The software of the startup thus provides two different operation modes: Prediction and optimization:

  1. The prediction calculates what the cornea will look like after a given treatment (form and function).
  2. The optimization mode calculates the optimal surgical parameters, such as the cutting position or the incision length, for the individual patient. The unique biomechanical simulation core performs the surgery on a virtual copy of the patient’s eye and, thanks to the resulting findings, the parameters can be optimized to the individual eye in the planning phase.

This comes with advantages for all parties involved: The eye specialist will know exactly where to place the incisions and patients can be sure their eyesight will be restored. Overall, the technology leads to significantly improved results of this surgery.

The Biel-based startup can finally add the element of hi-tech planning to the established hi-tech diagnosis and hi-tech therapy in eye medicine.