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Recreational sports in the mountains is booming. In Switzerland, almost 9,000 hikers per year are affected. Uepaa (!) Swiss Alpine Technology is working on an emergency call application for the mobile phones of the alpine climbers. The application goes far beyond the possibilities of modern mobile phones: it also searches for help when the hand-held user is unconscious, for example after a fall. And it can also set the emergency call outside of the handheld. The aim of the application is to speed up the rescue. First tests in the snow have also shown that smartphones are good for locating – for example, those buried in an avalanche. The young company already has the rescue flight guard (Rega) as the first important partner on his side. Here is the link to a post from SF:http://www.videoportal.sf.tv/video?id=9b2976eb-06dc-442f-8868-201201494317

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