Sensoryx AG
Technoparkstrasse 1
8005 Zürich


Previously, users had to hold disruptive controls in their hands instead of interacting directly with the virtual world. VRfree is a mobile 3D tracking system that fully maps hands and fingers in cyberspace, allowing you to have literally tangible experiences in the virtual world. This solution combines different sensor types and provides realistic, real time mobile motion detection.

Q & A

What inspired you to start your company?
I am positive that VR/AR has a huge potential to improve our future world in many areas: medicine, learning, health care, social interactions, etc. Our bodies – especially our hands – are probably our most important tool to interact with reality. Sensoryx wants to create systems that remove barriers between Reality and VR/AR.

What entrepreneur(s) do you admire and why?
Elon Musk, for his focus on solutions to problems that affect our world and human kind itself, for his belief in his vision and for his perseverance.

Can you tell us a short story about a customer using your product?
Almost everybody is amazed by the immersion, that is the sense of presence in VR as soon as the hands are represented with high fidelity. Recently, a user told us that he could almost feel the cold water touching his hand while he was in a VR demo that simulated water flowing from a faucet.

What do you love about your own leadership role in your company?
I like to provide a vision to my co-workers – to create ‘the glue’ that results in the success of our products and of the company.

Why did you apply for the W.A. de Vigier Award?
The positive focus of the foundation was intriguing and the timing was also perfect.

What are your impressions so far about the W.A. de Vigier Award?
Overall it is positive. Personal interactions with members of the foundations/award were very positive. The group of experts at the presentation seemed very well chosen.