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The rate of C-sections in the developed world is increasing annually. The WHO estimates that 100 Million USD are spent annually on unnecessary C-sections in German speaking regions. A C-section is a surgical procedure associated with health risks for the young mother and thus C-sections should not be undergone lightly.

During their training, midwives learn important mobilizing and positioning techniques to support birth progression. Their effectiveness has been known for centuries and has been proved in various studies. Lawrence et al. have established that a moving and upright birth

  • reduces the risk of a C-section by 29 percent,
  • shortens the duration of the birth by 1h 22 min and
  • reduces the probability of an epidural anaesthesia by 19 percent.

Over 97% of all births in Switzerland take place in hospitals. The continuous one-to-one care by a midwife is not guaranteed. Often midwives supervise several birthing women at the same time. Therefore, due to time constraints and physical limitations, those helpful techniques are rarely used in the workplace.

In collaboration with the University Hospital of Basel Vibwife developed a mobilization system for pregnant women. The system emulates the proven mobilization techniques usually applied by midwives. The woman’s pelvis is moved during birth. “We expect the same or better effects as a manually moved birth,” the founders say.

The system was designed as a mattress topper and is compatible with existing birthing beds. Vibwife represents the first worldwide active mobilizing system for the birthing woman.