Yes, I am leaving the W.A. de Vigier Foundation after six inspiring years as Managing Director. It was such a privilege to be able to work for a foundation whose mission was so strongly aligned with my personal passion – to support highly innovative entrepreneurs who want to launch performance and growth oriented businesses.

Together with my fabulous team, we created a safe space for startup CEOs to grow as leaders, we worked tirelessly on adding value for “our” startups beyond the prize money and we increased their national and international visibility by live streaming our last three events online to a much larger audience.

Two of my personal highlights were a) being listed as one of 100 Digital Shapers of 2019 by BILANZ in the category “Supporter” and b) to establish our Top 60 Event, an impressive display of the innovative force in the Swiss startup scene.

I want to thank Norah and the de Vigier Family for their support and trust in me, big thanks to the Foundation Board, especially to the former President of the Board, Daniel Borer, and to the new President, André Hoffmann. A warm thank you to my great team and many thanks to all those impressive young leaders who kept inspiring me over the years – it was a true honor to support you on your journey!

– Regula Buob